Happy Mother’s Day

From everyone at Insane Training Systems, we want to wish all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!

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Insane Training Systems Own Jeremiah Attaochu Selected in 2014 NFL Draft

Insane Training Systems is proud to congratulate Jeremiah Attaochu on being drafted 50th overall by the San Diego Chargers in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Everyone at Insane Training Systems would like to recognize Jeremiah for his achievement.  This achievement was a product of Jeremiah’s desire and will to succeed and the proof is in his individual efforts to stay committed to his goals and plan for success.


Congrats Jeremiah on being selected in the NFL Draft!

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Insane Training System’s Helmet Stickers

Here at Insane Training Systems we recently added a new motivating factor to our arsenal.  We believe it is one that we think will help push our athletes to the next level in their training.  It will also allow our athletes to EARN the satisfaction of repping Insane Training Systems when they are balling on the gridiron.  The motivating factor for our athletes is our brand new Insane Training Systems helmet stickers.



As we said before the only way you can get one is by EARNING it in your training.  That means pushing yourself to meet those INSANE results that we are always talking about.  In the end, you will be able to proudly rep the ITS helmet sticker….LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

Do you have it in you??


It’s The Only Way!!


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Summer Session

The end of August and beginning of early September normally brings an end to the off season training program here at Insane Training Systems.  During this time, many of our athletes return to school, football, and sometimes to their full-time jobs in the NFL.

Training at this level is not an easy task, it takes time, effort, determination, motivation, and a will to participate in this type of training program.  There is never a wasted moment during the summer session and for that we want to take a second to thank all of our athletes who came to participate in the off season training program here at Insane Training Systems.

There is no doubt in our minds that wherever our athletes are they have been fully prepared for their respective football seasons whether it is at the high school collegiate, or professional level.  This class of athletes put in long grueling hours of training to get to the next level and achieve max results.  We understand that there are other training programs and facilities out there and we are thankful that all of our athletes decided to spend their off seasons here with us in the Strength Lab at ITS.

We could have not asked for a better group of athletes and as far as their results they all made significant gains in their training.  The training program has continually been the primary catalyst for improvement but it also takes a combination of dedication with nutrition and other home-based components to the training program.  It can be easy to get off track when you are at home while encountering counterproductive temptations or other types of distractions, but this group of athletes did a great job at staying on track with their individual programs.  If it were not for our athletes, this off season would not have been the success that it was.

Not only have our athletes met the expectations but have exceeded their own goals and have made the program better.  This group of athletes has essentially molded the training program into their lives which is how they improved and why it shows that our training model can help athletes gain so much success.

It proves that ITS is hardcore training and we know that it is not for everyone.  ITS and its hardcore training program is not designed for everyone, that is how we like it, we don’t want everyone.  We want those who will come day in and day out and be ready to WORK.  This training program put our athletes through everything whether it was the snow, rain, long duration, hot days, and no air conditioning.

This is EXACTLY why we are so confident in our athletes as they enter the season they have been through it all and we pushed hard this off season.

Wherever our athletes are and wherever they will go we just want to acknowledge their determination, motivation, and will to achieve their max results.  We also want to say GOOD LUCK to our athletes and we look forward to seeing all of your on-the-field successes.




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During last week’s blog update we talked about how important it was to train with ITS because of how our INSANE methods empower our athletes to get better in every aspect of their training. We want to take the next step and touch upon last week and if you make the decision to train with us for a while you will truly blow past any goals you will have planned for. With that being said, some of our high school seniors are reporting to college in the next couple of days and weeks. They never stopped training hard all the way until the end.

Our athletes are drilled everyday in training with the importance of improving EVERY day. For example, yesterday was the last day our Richmond bound LB was going to be with us before he leaves this summer for college and he went out with a BANG. He squatted 585 lbs and crushed his previous PR (personal record) by 100 lbs., and that was done in a span of just a month and for a 216 lb. athlete this is a huge feat.

What does this mean for you? It means that if you give ITS your TIME, WORK ETHIC, and DEDICATION we will combine that with our unique and INSANE training methods and turn you in to an absolute BEAST!

But he has not been the only college bound player to make gains like this, it happens on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis here at the Strength Lab! So get out to the Strength Lab and make your dreams a reality! The time is NOW, you can either make the highlights during the season or end up on someone else’s! The decision is yours, the Strength Lab will be here when you decide! Don’t forget to TRAIN INSANE because it is the only way to train!



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Strength Lab v. Other Training Facilities: Why Wait When You Can TRAIN INSANE!

It seems like the first thing that comes to mind when people think about athletic training is that it starts at a huge sports club franchise like Sport and Health, Gold’s Gym, or Lifetime Fitness.  Typically, you will see these clubs in a large warehouse-type building with hundreds of tread mills, people, with the same goal of trying to improve their patrons.  Insane Training Systems’ Strength Lab is NOT a big fancy facility like many sports clubs, BUT we do have equipment that is custom-made for our athletes.  Not only that but we will customize your training to help YOU get maximum results.

Insane Training Systems uses custom-made training techniques but we also USE custom-made equipment that will help you reach and exceed your goals.  Some might even say that the Strength Lab has a grungy-little-whole-in-the-wall-gym feel to it, that is because where we train our athletes needs to be a raw, chip-on-the-shoulder environment that will benefit our athletes.   We don’t necessarily get our athletes the best results because of the equipment we have but because our unique training differs.  This is how we ENHANCE their training experience.  See what running back for the Washington Redskins and the Penn State all-time rushing leader Evan Royster had to say about training with Insane Training Systems:

With that said, we do have top-of-the-line equipment that most places do not have; custom-made equipment that we KNOW no one has.

Time is of the essence when it comes to athletic training, the longer you are doing it, the more consistent, and more effective results you will achieve.  The most effective way to achieve maximum results is by training with us for an extended amount of time on a very consistent basis.  Sometimes this is not what we always get.  It always seems that we will get people that want results in only a month.  So we get put into a position where the client will only be around with us for a short period of time to get their money worth.

However, the reality is that they could have got their money and MORE had their investment been made earlier.  It is about OPTIMIZING your goals, not MEETING them.  There have been times when an agent or a player will call us while training or during a season and say “this previous training facility that my agent had sent me to just didn’t help me get to where I know I should be, can I finish the job with ITS?”  Of course we can finish the job and we always meet our client’s goals, but with that said this agent/player has now invested a lot of money, got the same results, and did it in a very short window of time.  With proper planning he could have called us from the start and took his training the distance and got REAL results.  People know that we can do the quick fix but it is about proper timing AND training that will help athletes sustain success.  Above everything, NEVER wait until the last minute to reach your goals, this may be a detriment to your agent, team, and even yourself.  Come to ITS early, OPTIMIZE your results, and OBLITERATE your expectations.  If you give us the maximum TIME, EFFORT, and DEDICATION, we will take your game to a level you never thought was possible!  Remember….


Insane Training Systems.com

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There is an old saying that states the early bird gets the worm, this idiom can be applied for virtually anything that you could think of. When it comes to training this is especially important. Our athletes must develop these habits early and continue to maintain and sustain these habits until they have reached their goals. The true way to start athletic development is through specific training techniques.

We are not here to put down any coaches but one of the hugest knocks against most high school coaches is the capacity of enhancing student-athletes through unique training techniques. This is something ITS excels at. In doing so, many of our high school athletes are doing the training and getting the attention of many NCAA Division-1 schools and are being looked up to by their high school peers. These young men are among some of the nations’ high school athletes that major football college programs are recruiting. Additionally, college coaches are beginning to recognize that Insane Training Systems is a hotbed for college talent in the DMV (District, Maryland, and Virginia) area.

The fact is that ITS produces great athletes that are quickly becoming the standard by which athletic training systems should operate. This can be proven by the continual results of these recruits. For example, when a ITS athlete is recruited to a major college program not only is the physical talent being recruited but also the his mental toughness and other intangible qualities that ITS helps bring out. ITS athletes leave Fairfax with a understanding of the ability to get the job done and how to maintain and sustain their training desires. This desire helps these athletes expand their training and helps them aspire to become what they truly want to be BIGGER, FASTER, and STRONGER.

The desire to get BIGGER, FASTER, and STRONGER is only derived from the system that breeds success. In order for the system to breed success the athlete must put in hard work. Once an athlete has started here AND worked hard the unique training system enables the athlete to take it to the next level; as you can see it is through the unique training methods that help breed this success.

Come check it out for yourself at the Strength Lab, once you have started it you won’t want to stop. Remember……



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